Thoughtful Thursday: Peace from Financial Storms, part 2

True to the Faith, a LDS Church publication, gives the following counsel regarding debt:

“Look to the condition of your finances. Discipline yourself in your purchases, avoiding debt to the extent you can. In most cases, you can avoid debt by managing your resources wisely. If you do incur debt, such as a reasonable amount in order to purchase a modest home or complete your education, work to repay it as quickly as possible and free yourself from bondage. When you have paid your debts and accumulated some savings, you will be prepared for financial storms that may come your way. You will have shelter for your family and peace in your heart” (49).

I have been impressed lately on how important it is for us to get out of debt. I feel an urgency to get things paid off. I’ve always hated debt and hated how much we have (not a lot, but any seems too much). In view of current economic news and trends, worries about money and making ends meet have come to dominate my mind. I don’t like to worry, I do way too much as it is.

I want the peace that comes from knowing that no matter what happens to the economy or if my husband looses his job we will be okay. We won’t have creditors breathing down our necks. We will have savings that will see us through till the storm is over. We will have food and supplies stored to take care of us till things get back to normal. We will be at peace.

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear” (D&C 38:30)

We are not there yet. We have much yet to prepare, but we are working hard to find that place of peace. Is your house in order? Are you prepared to weather the financial storms of today? What can you do right now to prepare yourself?

This post originally ran 19 September 2008. Before our job loss and other trials. I find it interesting how the Lord was preparing me for what was to come. Being on this side of the trial makes me realize that even though we might have been pretty well prepared physically (food storage, emergency savings etc.) I wasn’t emotionally or spiritually prepared for what happened. Stress caused a huge strain on me and I didn’t have the reserve to weather that storm. Scripture study, Personal Prayer, Family Home Evening and Family prayer are a few of the Habits that would have helped build an emotional and spiritual reserve for me. It is nice to look back and realize that I can prepare now to make the next trial easier.


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