Menu Plan Monday

We will be going camping with the extended family this weekend so the menu plan is really simple.  Each family takes a meal to prepare for the whole group.  It makes things nice and easy for planning and packing.
Here is what we are planning for dinner this week:

  • Beef Enchiladas, Beans & Rice, Green Salad, Chips & Salsa
  • Breakfast for Dinner:  Biscuits and Gravy, Sausage, Eggs, Fresh Fruit
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken, Rice, Green Salad, Fruit Plate
  • BBQ Pork, Tortillas, All the Fixins, Beans & Rice (This is for my assigned meal while we are camping)
  • Camping
  • Out to Eat (while traveling home)
  • Salisbury Steak, Boiled Potatoes, Sweet Carrots, Homemade Rolls
I’ve also found it really nice to have a listing of possible Breakfast, Lunch and Healthy Snack ideas listed on my fridge (thank you Money Saving Mom). The list is helping to keep us from boredom and from running out to the fast food joints.
Here is my breakfast list:
  • Muffins, Yogurt, Fruit
  • Waffles, Bananas
  • Cereal, Fruit
  • Bacon, Eggs & Toast
  • Cereal, Fruit
  • Breakfast Burritos, Fruit
  • Cereal, Fruit
Check out Organizing Junkies Round-up of 500+ menu plans for more inspiration on what to make for dinner.

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