Menu Plan Monday

After being able to take a step back and evaluate some of my routines (or lack thereof) this past week.  I’m excited to get back to blogging.  I learned that I don’t handle change well.  (but who really does?)  And being able to create order in my home and routines has really helped in accepting some major trials our family is facing.  

I find it very refreshing to turn my brain off when it comes to deciding what’s for dinner.  I just check the list posted on my fridge and that’s all there is to it.  No Stress is Good Stress!

Here is what we are planning for this week:
  • Monday – Tortillas:
    • Fajitas, Beans and Rice, Chips and Salsa 
      (didn’t have it last week so it got pushed forward)

  • Tuesday – Easy:
    • Calzones, Salad, Fruit Plate

  • Wednesday – Pasta:
    • Chicken Parmesan, Angel Hair Pasta, Caesar Salad, Breadsticks

  • Thursday – Soup:
    • Minestrone, Fresh Bread, Cheese, Fruit Plate
      (pushed forward from last week)

  • Friday – Chicken:
    • Hawaiian Haystacks

  • Saturday – Beef:
    • Steak, Baked Potatoes, Salad, Veggies

  • Sunday – Nice:
    • Marinated Turkey, Sunshine Potatoes, Peas & Carrots, Salad, Rolls
Hopefully this will inspire you with new ideas when you are approached with the old question “Mom! What’s for dinner!” If you need more help check out Organizing Junkie’s round up of 500+ weekly menu plans.

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