Valentines for Free

As anyone who has entered a store in the past few weeks knows Valentines is upon us.  The overwhelming displays of red and pink hearts, flowers, goofy cards, candy, and fuzzy creatures are the first sign.  

The stores would like us to think we must have these things in order to show our feelings for our loved ones.  I’m happy to report I have not succumbed to this desire. (Now after the holiday, when things are on clearance, all bets are off…) 
Lest you think I am a holiday grouch, we will be celebrating the holiday.  My husband and I will be having a quiet candlelight dinner at home.  I will be making the obligatory heart shaped sugar cookies.  And, we made my oldest daughter Valentines to take to school.
The first two events only require items from my pantry.  The last was a bit trickier, but we got lucky.  I found bags of Nestle Crunch Fun Size candy bars on clearance for $1.50.  It had just so happened that I had printed two $1.00/1 MFQ (here) and used one doubler to make the candy free. (I bought two bags. . . mom must have chocolate too!)  Then, surprise, a $1.00 OYNO popped out at the register.  
We made $1 on that chocolate.  I figure that will more than cover the cost of the card-stock, tape and ink we used to print her little cards for all her school buddies.

They turned out great!  (Yes, I know the picture is horrid.)  They are much simpler than the gaudy things you find at the store and they were free.  Who can beat that?

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