No Cost Date Night, Part 4

Here is the third installment of Date ideas. The only cost for most of these dates is possibly a few pantry items and/or gas money. If you are wondering what to do with the kiddos, check out part one of this series here. Read the full series here

23. Go bike riding – It doesn’t have to be fancy mountain biking or anything.  Just dust off those bicycles (or borrow some) and wander around the neighborhood.

24. Bake cookies together – Then eat them of course!  Enjoy the time you have together.

25. Make bread – Do you know how?  I recently learned the Pantry Secrets method and love it.  My brother and sister-in-law got the same gift and he loves making all kinds of interesting concoctions.  Learn together.  The ingredients are cheap and it is a useful skill to have.

26. Visit a Free Art Museum or Gallery – Check your local phone book for these.  I know a local University in our area has a great display.

27. Take a hike up the Canyon – If there are no mountains where you live any nature walk/hike will do.

28. Check out an Astronomy book at the Local Library (or check out this web site here) and do some Stargazing – I’ve always wanted to learn the constellations.  Grab a blanket and a few snacks and you are all set.

29. Check out book on tape and listen together – Your local Library is a treasure trove of free activities.  Find out all the things they offer.

30. Play Frisbee Golf – We have a local park that has an actual Frisbee Golf Course, but you can create your own with an bucket or garbage can and some imagination.

31. Visit a public Garden – In our area there are a couple of “water wise” public gardens (since we live in the desert) and not only are they relaxing and interesting, but they are a great source of ideas for your own yard.

32. Test Drive your dream car – I’m sure your spouse has one of these go check it out.

33. Go sit in the massage chairs at a Furniture Store – This is one of my husband’s favorite things to do when we are shopping for furniture.  Wander around the store comparing likes and dislikes then end the trip with a few minutes in the massage chairs.  Leave your purse at home so you aren’t tempted to make any impulse buys.


One thought on “No Cost Date Night, Part 4

  1. These are great! Mind if I add a few? Get involved in local charities for 2 reasons: – You can volunteer together. – And sometimes charities team up with businesses to offer freebies in exchange for donating. We had dinner and a movie for free a couple of weeks ago using vouchers earned from donating pantry items.Join a club. Book club? Imperial swing dancing? Chess? Cooking?Make art. No talent or skill required. Experiment with abstract painting, pottery and sculpture, or photography.Spend an afternoon beating each other senseless with padded weaponry in the park. No, really! Loads of fun, and they always have lots of extra gear. or Get competitive with trivia, video game, dancing, karaoke, or even pizza eating contests. Usually free for competitors.Frugal dates rule.


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