No Cost Date Night, Part 3

Here is the second installment of Date ideas. The only cost for most of these dates is possibly a few pantry items and/or gas money.  If you are wondering what to do with the kiddos, check out part one of this series here.  Read the full series here.

12. Start a project together – Painting a room, building shelves, finishing the basement, it doesn’t really matter what just do it together.

13. Start a new hobby together – Try scrapbooking together.  Maybe start playing a computer game or learn photography.  Lots of ideas out there.

14. Take an online class – Check your local Universities for these.  My favorite is BYU’s selection here.  No cost and you’ll learn something new.  (maybe start with the one on dating!)

15. Read an article or lesson and discuss – Don’t forget treats.  Must always have treats!

16. Work on your family history together – If you are a beginner to the whole Genealogy concept, you can read about the basics here.  I would suggest you start with a simple pedigree chart, place yourself at number 1 and fill out as much as you can.  I love discussing the names of my ancestors with my husband.  You’ll get a good idea of the names you each like/dislike plus it is an excellent source of baby names.

17. Write your life history – Pick a topic like “What I remember about Kindergarten” each write, then share.  Add in some treats and you’ve got yourself a date.  If you really want to get serious about writing your history read this article on 10 Steps to Writing your Family History.

18. Play a board game or card game – Our favorite is Cribbage.  Other two player games are Scrabble, Yahtzee, Rummikub, Risk, Monopoly, Chess, and Checkers.  There are tons out there.  See what you have around the house, or try googling “2-player card games.”

19. Invite friends to dinner – My favorite part of having other people over is hearing what my husband has to say about things.  I learn a lot.  We take for granted that our spouse knows everything about us and what’s going on in our lives.  Explaining to someone else in their presence is very revealing.

20. Go to bed early – Yes, I’m serious!  There is something about a dark room where the other person can’t see your face (and you can’t see their reactions, lol) that encourages some pretty interesting conversations.  Plus, if one thing leads to another…

21. Exercise or play a sport together – I very rarely get the chance to excercise with my husband.  (We’re usually babysitting for the other one)  We were able to run a 5k together this past summer and I had a blast!  I felt like I was holding him back, but we had fun.

22. Go rollerblading – Check around to see if you can borrow these from neighbors or family members.


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