Website Wednesday: Where to print coupons

There are a number of really great websites to print coupons from.  Sometimes they offer some of the same coupons, sometimes different, and sometimes the coupons show up for a very short time period so check often.  Here are a few I check regularly:

  • – This one is my favorite.  You can print directly from my blog with the box over on the sidebar.  You should be able to print two copies of each coupon per computer.  They also host a lot of the manufacturer’s coupons (coupons found on a brand’s website) find a partial list of some of these “bricks” coupons here.
  • – Another excellent collection of coupons.  Again you should be able to print two copies of each coupon per computer.
  • – Here you can find coupons for brands such as Betty Crocker, General Mills, Progresso, Yoplait and Green Giant.  You must register and login to print these coupons, so you’ll only be able to print two of each coupon.
  • – Along with most of the brands from the Betty Crocker site, you’ll find brands like Pillsbury, Totinos and Ziploc.  Basically brands that carry the Box Tops for Education label.  This site also uses a login so you can print two of each coupon.
  • – You’ll find regular brands such as Yoplait, Green Giant and General Mills, but also organic labels such as Cascadian Farms and Muir Glen.  This is a login site, so two of each coupon.
  • – Here you’ll find the ConAgra line of products.  Brands such as Healthy Choice, Hunt’s, Pam, Egg Beaters and Orville Redenbacher.  Also a login site.
  • HomeSolutionNews – Lots of brands here like:  Lysol, Airwick, Electrasol, Woolite and French’s.  I believe it’s a login site, but I’m not positive (they have my info already saved).
So, even if you are not able to receive the newspaper inserts, or only receive one copy, you can still save by using coupons printed from your own computer.  Happy Printing!

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