No Cost Date Night, Part 2

Here is the first installment of Date ideas.  The only cost for most of these dates is possibly a few pantry items and gas money.  And if you are wondering what to do with the kiddos, check out part one of this series here.

1. Picnic in the Park – I know this one is silly to think of at this time of year (if you’re like me and all the local parks are under a foot of snow), but it will be spring sooner or later.  Pack a lunch, grab a blanket and plan on playing on the swings or in the fountain.

2. Listen to old music – (think High School Era) Use a site like Pandora (to create a playlist),  your own collection, or break out the mix tapes (I know you still have them hidden in a box somewhere!), grab a few favorite treats and share some memories of your youth.

3. Roast Marshmallows – Head up the canyon or use a candle.

4. Watch a Movie – Use one of the FREE Movie codes at your nearest Redbox.

5. Candlelit dinner – Make your spouses favorite dinner (or breakfast) light some candles and enjoy the quiet, dark house.

6. Read a book together – Borrow a book from your local library and take turns reading to each other.  This one works great curled up in a nice warm blanket or stretched out under the stars.

7. Go to the Temple or other Church Service or Fireside – Worshipping together, without the worry of little ones, is a good way to renew your spirit and bring you closer as a couple.

8. Drive in the Country – Take some snacks and be prepared to share dreams and make plans for the future.

9. Take a Long Walk – Get some exercise, enjoy nature and enjoy each others company.

10. Take a tour of your spouses work place – Especially if you’ve never been there before or don’t visit often.  It’s fun to see where your significant other spends all their time away from you.

11. Free Concert in the park or other Free local event – Check if your town and/or neighboring areas have these.  Keep your eyes peeled for notices of local events you might want to check out.  It’s a great way to get to know your area and what it has to offer.  Plus it’s free.  What’s not to like?


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