Thoughtful Thursday: Two Tears

I had a rough shopping experience this week.  I’m not sure if hormones are the cause or what, but I ended up in tears two separate times for two completely different reasons.

When I was planning my shopping trip I was trying to set aside about $1o to get a couple of odds and ends for the kids’ Halloween costumes.  As I’ve said before I only use cash while grocery shopping and instead of leaving the $10 at home I decided to bring it with me “just in case.”  Not super smart on my part because I know I will spend it all if I have it with me.
As I’m cruising through the store picking up the items from my list it seems like almost every price I look at is higher than I remember.  Has that happened to anyone else lately?  (Afraid I’m being more than a little sarcastic at this point!)  And I’m getting more and more frustrated and depressed because there is no way my $10 is going to be safe and it’s looking more like I’ll go over even what cash I’ve brought.
This is were the first meltdown with tears comes.
After I pulled myself together I reevaluated my list and put a few things back I knew we really didn’t need or could get next week.  The running total I keep of how much my groceries would be was totally messed up so I had no idea how much I would have to spend.  Finally, I finished my shopping and headed up to the check-out line.  I was positive that my $10 would be gone.
The total after coupons was $50.48.  I had brought $60 and found two quarters in the bottom of my purse.
The last meltdown with tears came as I left the store with my $10 and the knowledge that my Heavenly Father helped me.  
I know he is answering our daily prayers for help to live within our budget.  $10 really isn’t that much money and I could have just pushed that plan to next week,  but I know he was watching out for me.  This experience was a testimony builder to me.  I will be much more careful and listen to the promptings I receive so I can act on them.
He is real, He cares and He will help.

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