Free Friday: The Rebate

A common method of advertising is offering a rebate.  This is a great way to get free/cheap stuff.  Generally you must purchase the product and send in an original form and the original register receipt (no copies).  Read and follow the instructions carefully and for the cost of a stamp (and tax on the item, if you want to get technical) the company will send you back your money.  I always make a copy of everything I’m sending in and file it away till I receive my money back, then I know what I’ve sent in for and what I’m waiting for.

You can find these forms in a number of places.  I’ve found them online, in newspaper inserts, in product packaging, in magazines, and on tearpads at the grocery store.  Just keep your eyes and ears open for these opportunities.
Here is a list of some current rebates I have my eye on:
Walgreens also has their Easy Saver Catalog (ESC) which includes store coupons and rebate offers.  Check here for the current month’s catalog.  I’ve also transcribed the October ESC to spreadsheet form here.  This month they have three Free After Rebate or FAR deals.
  • Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot, 2 Pack, 2 oz. ea.
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enriched Foundation, 1 oz.
  • L’Oreal Cleansers: Age Perfect or Revitalift Cream 5 oz., Skin Genesis Gel 8 oz. or Towelettes 25 to 30 Pack
Try to buy rebate items with coupons if possible for less out-of-pocket cost.
Keep your eyes open for these and other great rebate deals and get something for free today.

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