Tip Tuesday: The Stockpile

Stockpile, Food Storage, Year Supply, The Store (as my kids call my corner of the basement) whichever term you use this idea is key to saving your family money.  Essentially what the stockpile is is a collection of items your family uses on a regular basis.  
What makes this idea work is the principle that you get to choose how much you pay for items instead of need deciding what you pay.  For instance, in the very near future we are going to have nothing left on the toilet paper roll.  Since I was aware and prepared for this I have toilet paper in my stockpile that I paid about $.05 a roll for.  If I were to run to the store right now I would probably have to pay $.55 a roll for the exact same kind of toilet paper (not to mention the cost of gas and impulse buys for this emergency trip).  The numbers will vary, but the idea is the same.
When you find a great deal on an item your family uses stock your personal store.  Buy as much as is feasible in order to get you to the next great deal on that item.  Most products and stores are on a regular sale schedule.  For example Macey’s has their case lot sale every 6 months.  As you become familiar with sale & coupon cycles as well as what your family actually uses predicting how much you need to buy will become easier.
As your stockpile grows so will your flexibility.  Want or need to spend your grocery money on other things this week?  A well supplied stockpile will feed and care for your family without much disruption to what you are used to.  You’ll be able to eliminate mid-week “emergency” trips to the store for something you’ve run out of.  And, you’ll be able to choose just how much you are willing to pay for items.
Start your stockpile today and start saving your family money.

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