Free Friday: Wal-mart Samples

Why on earth would you want itty-bitty size samples of products?  There are many reasons to search out and acquire these items.

  • Trial Size Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion and Toothpaste etc. are great for 72-hr kits, purses and vacations.
  • Most Samples are packaged with high value coupons.
  • Cereal and Snack samples are perfect for sack lunches.
  • It is much easier to throw out a tiny package when you find your family absolutely hates the product!
  • Kid Size Shampoo & Conditioner makes independent bath/shower time much easier for little hands.
  • Extends the life of your products, you don’t have to buy the full size versions so soon.
  • You get to try lots of products you may never have been able to afford otherwise.
  • Best of all Samples and Trial Sizes (bought with coupons) are almost always FREE!
I won’t pretend to know or have a complete list of all the Samples and Free Trial Sizes available out there, but I will share some of my favorites and the ones I have found.
Wal-mart has a free Sample section on their website.  Did you know that!  Yep, Wal-mart the king of everyday low prices will send you stuff for free.  My daughter loves getting the mail and every time a bright blue Wal-mart box is among the letters she gets very excited.  (Mom gets pretty excited getting the mail these days too, maybe we should race!)  Here are links to some of their current offers:
Gain (scent card w/coupon)
Supplies go quickly, but never fear they will either get more in (check back later) or it will be replaced with something more fun!  Enjoy your samples and your savings.

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